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First time in Venice!

With a friend of me as a guide -she knows Venice like hers pockets-, I’ve been for the first time in Venice!!
We’ve walked pretty much the whole city in two days, focusing on the less visited spots of interest.

Ponte delle guglie
Fancy a coffe?

It’s always nice to discover a new place, but with the fame and the reputation of Venice, shooting wasn’t easy.
I’ve also been through a pretty strange kind of feeling, for two days. Something I hadn’t felt for years yet, with the right ingredients it popped up again.
When you’re trying to capture feelings, places, people and moments, the mood you’re into is fundamental.
Mine wasn’t easy, so while I was editing the photos, I’ve realized that I need to go back in this awesome city to shoot again :)

Venice's Laguna

I’ve kept my eyes busy at looking at all the details, the small things, the shadows more than the items themselves, so I’ve not shot many photos but just the ones I wanted ;)

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