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EWS#7 – Finale Ligure 2014

This weekend, I’ve been to the Italian riviera, in the always sunny, beautiful and exciting Finale Ligure.
Exciting, as I’ve been there because it was the last round of the Enduro World Series, a mtb race with a world cup level.
I’ve been in Finale for the first time two years ago. And being there at that specific time, let me be chosen for working with the official Superenduro staff the next year.
This year, they didn’t needed my photo so I wasn’t hired for the season, but I just couldn’t miss Finale.
It’s a fantastic location, awesome trails, super high level of racing and it’s a wonderful chance to meet some very good people I didn’t catch up with in a long time, missing the race season.

I’ve shot few photos, hope you enjoy them in this new slideshow format!!

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